Title: Dynamite Book Idea

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I have perfect idea for a book.
I will keep it short and sweet.

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I have this two book ideas that I am working on. Now, I am not a book writer nor am I any good at it.
To bring a novel from inception to publication can take two or three years.
In today’s fast moving publishing world, few editors and agents are willing to work with a new author on the basis of an outline and sample.
You have to be able to show you can deliver what you promise.
I keep putting the idea away and it seems like I keep on returning to it.
‘Everyone has a book in them’ is a frequently stated belief. It may be true, but it’s the getting it out that matters.
Many people want to become novelists, but there is a crucial difference between most of them and me.
I have made a start, shown a positive interest and commitment. I have worked for hours and have not given up yet.
Now you are thinking?where are we headed?
Bear with me here, I will get there.
I know my books will sell if they are written well. So I keep trying and trying, searching the internet for ideas and help.
And finally one day it clicked. So I wrote this article.
Here I am getting into something I never done before and I can not tell when I will reach my goal if ever.
So here is what I propose.
If anyone out there with book writing experience is willing to help and contribute, I can be found at vagr.com/Jackie for proposals. Any helping hand or ideas are welcome.
I am willing to go half and half all the way with you and share everything I have.
I know my ideas will sell so please let?s give them a shot.

Thanks and good luck.

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